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bishojo adult - ADULT CINEMA (by tm)

Bishōjo (美少女, literally "beautiful girl", also romanized bishoujo) is a Japanese term for a beautiful young girl, usually below young adult age. A variant term, biyōjo (美幼女) Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Jun 14,  · In November there was an incident where a middle-schooler shoplifted an adult bishōjo game Saori: the House of Beautiful Girls, resulting in increased police scrutiny for makers and retailers. Several prefectures began classifying games as obscene and pulling them off the footjobxx.xyzted Reading Time: 9 mins.

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Bishoujo games are often the most underrated type of genre, that gets almost no attention except for hardcore anime fans, or the targetted audiences itself. Since this genre is uniquely Japanese. The Bishoujo Statue is a series of statues based off of Shunya Yamashita's illustrations of various movie, game, and comic characters in the Japanese bishoujo (young beautiful girls) style. All of these statues are 1/7 in scale and make a great collection when displayed together.

Meanwhile, the only "adult" bishojo character, the gym teacher Tamaki, looks just as young as her adolescent students.