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Jan 28,  · This is the biggest part of my fetish and it's the most weird too, I know. Anyway, her and I broke up by the beggining of this year. I wasn't really feeling that her smoking for me was enough. I needed more. I needed the Dark Side and Lung Damage . There is a segment of the normal smoking fetish called the darkside. People into the darkside, in addition to the normal attributes of smoking dark siders are into the damage and impact on health caused by smoking. The most common being lung damage with minor variations including yellowing teeth, skin, coughing only, etc. It is.

Smoking fetishism (also known as capnolagnia) is a sexual fetish based on the pulmonary consumption of tobacco, most often via cigarettes, cigars, and also pipes and hookahs to some extent. As a fetish, its mechanisms regard sexual arousal from the observation or imagination of a person smoking, sometimes including oneself. Oct 01,  · My fetish is down to my mother who smoked and wore make up and looked very glam. I'm kinda glad about that, as I know the damage she is doing to her lungs, mouth, throat and heart. We went for a jog one night, she was looking soooo hot in tiny little lycra shorts and a sports bra that showed off her tummy, and she really struggled to breath.

Oct 01,  · It is a fantastic tale of an anti- becoming not just a committed heavy smoker but one her way to embracibg full-blown lung damage passion. As always, Sarah Polmoni and her dad Mark practically steal the show with even brief appearances or passing references. Sarah is the epitome of a young woman committed to total lung destruction. Jul 13,  · Some fetishists have a fascination with the addictive properties of nicotine, and its ability to cause harm, and there is a sub-fetish relating to women being harmed by smoking, sometimes called.

with lung-damage & noticeably heavy tar-stained lungs, at just the age of 37 It's THOSE girls who are STILL doing it, in their 30's,40's,50's The ones who are committed to heavy smoking and staining their lungs. Like My Ex-Wife and countless others who get off on it. (Harming, staining and damaging their lungs intentionally).