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The rules suggested in the Book of Erotic Fantasy are easily applied to any game. I recommend this book to any old hand at D20 games that could use a bit of inspiration to spruce up their game and don't mind getting a little greasy. 5 people found this helpful/5. Jun 19,  · The Book of Erotic Fantasy was something I bought in a local gaming store, several years ago, when my town actually had a local gaming store. It is listed as "compliant" with the original Open Gaming License va, but for rather obvious legal reasons it never uses specific terms like "D&D" or D20 .

The Book of Erotic Fantasy will better serve one type of gamer (the D&D-type player), while Naughty and Dice will better serve another (the GURPS-type player). And, as the types can get along in the greater sphere of gaming, I am sure that the books can as well. Dec 29,  · The Book of Erotic Fantasy is an OGL RPG product, compatible with the worlds best selling fantasy roleplaying game, with rules covering many of the intimate aspects of the fantasy world. The Book of Erotic Fantasy is a page full color book. The most provocative area is the aspect of sex, however the book will not stop there/5(11).

This material is intended to add a new dimension to your game - courtly intrigue and manipulation, marriages of power and prophesized births, dangerous seducers and sex magic. All of this and more await you inside the Book of Erotic Fantasy.