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a person who is in his or her late teenage years or early twenties: Now that my kids are young adults, I'm grateful we're still close. casual wear for teens and young adults [ U ] (abbreviation YA). Young adult definition, a teenager (used especially by publishers and librarians). See more.

Apr 20,  · The size of this population segment has also increased as the conventional definition of “young adult” has expanded to include those as young as . Apr 10,  · The government has to define “young adult” or “early adulthood” for statistical record-keeping, as well as for law enforcement. Children face lesser charges for crimes than adults, and the “young adult” age range falls somewhere in between.

Young adults are defined as people between 18 and 35 years of age. This group includes people who are College students at any institution of higher education Seeking full time employment Working full time Married Not married yet Parents Single parents Divorced . Young adult A young/prime adult, according to Erik Erikson's stages of human development, is generally a person in the age range of 20 to 40, whereas an adolescent is a person aging from 13 to 19, although definitions and opinions vary. The young adult stage in .