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The first question to be taken up for discussion was the place of Comparative Adult Education as a specialised area of knowledge within the field of Adult Education as a whole. Comparative Studies in Adult Education: An Anthology has been used ever since as the main text. Meanwhile, additional papers are being collected, and it is considered that a second anthology, expected in , will be superior to the first.

We find three stages in the development of comparative education. The First Stage: The first stage in the development of comparative education begins with the ideas propounded by Antoine Jullien. This stage continued upto the beginning of the twentieth century. During the nineteenth century, the belief had gained ground that the characteristics prevailing in one [ ]. Comparative education The development of comparative education Human beings are in the habit of making comparisons between things that around them. Comparison can take place wherever we have more than one thing that has the same purpose. We compare to make up our minds and to choose between two or more choices.

May 29,  · Comparative education is a loosely bounded field that examines the sources, workings, and outcomes of education systems, as well as leading education issues, from comprehensive, multidisciplinary, cross-national, and cross-cultural perspectives. Jun 01,  · Affect theory and comparative education discourse. Essays on fear and loathing in response to global educational policy and practice by Irving Epstein, London and New York, Bloomsbury Academic, , pp., £90 (hardback), ISBN HB:

Comparative Education is a field of study dealing with the comparison of current educational theory and practice in different countries for the purpose of broadening and deepening understanding of educational problems beyond the boundaries of one's own country (Carter Good ).