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Feb 05,  · In general, older adults are not impaired on tasks that test sustained attention, such as watching a screen for an infrequent beep or symbol. The tasks on which older adults show impairments tend to be those that require flexible control of attention, Author: Rena Grossman. Does Cognitive Ability Improve In Old Age - Jon Lieff, MD.

Cognitive functions such as verbal ability, word knowledge, and semantic memory are preserved in older adultsThe emerging trend in the domain of cognitive aging is to recognize the areas of cognitive decline but explore and build on the older adults' cognitive strengths. Dec 01,  · Older adults in cognitive studies are more likely than young or middle aged adults to include people with undetected Alzheimer’s dementia, cerebral vascular dementia, and other brain diseases that are more prevalent in people over Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

Cognitive Development in Late Adulthood Cognitive abilities such as memory may see a decline in late adulthood. The study of cognitive changes in the older population is complex. Response speeds (neural and motor) have been reported to decline; some researchers believe that age‐related decrease in working memory is the crucial factor underlying poorer performance by the elderly on cognitive tasks.

Cognitive Development Development in old age is marked by some cognitive change. Some aspects of the physical structure of the brain deteriorate with old age. Some older people then experience a loss in cognitive functioning.