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Dec 04,  · The manipulative family member is the toughest of the clingy seniors to handle. In this case, your loved one knows exactly how to push your buttons and does so for his or her own gain. This may be due to a senior’s personality, or it could be the result of Author: Sheri Samotin. Oct 19,  · They may also continue to feel clingy or insecure in their adult relationships. This is why, as parents, it’s essential that we not use our children to make us feel better or loved.

Oct 21,  · I think most people will say they love their parents, and I always wonder what that means. It's difficult to comprehend when all you're reading about is how obnoxious and demanding a parent is, but I think we all throw in the "love" part as a way of letting ourselves and everyone else know that despite our anger, there's a reason we keep.