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breeding sites female adults males streams - Male Female Cumkiss Compilation 2

Jun 09,  · Economist Richard Sutch did a study which found that in , on farms that had at least one female slave the ratio of women to men was In Virginia, female slaves exceeded males by over Author: William Spivey. Adult salmon swim upstream to the same area where they hatched. This is thought to be accomplished by their outstanding sense of smell that 'imprinted' the smell of their natal stream on their brain at birth. This journey may be only a few hundred yards or over two thousand miles depending on the species and the stream.

When an adult Chinook salmon reaches maturity, which can be anywhere from three to seven years of age, it makes the long migratory journey back to the site of its birth stream to produce young. After so many years, some salmon can be hundreds of miles away. At their birth stream, male and female salmon pair up to breed. Instead, the males mimic female coloration, allowing them to get close enough to a female to make mating possible. Sometimes, however, as in the video above, the guys just fight. Video: Chuffard.

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Mature adults come into breeding condition and move to ponds or ditches where the males call to advertise their fitness to competing males and to females. Mating and egg-laying occurs from early February to early October after the high-flow from seasonal storms starts to decrease. A male can weigh up to 80 pounds. The distinctive breed trait is a wavy coat that is oily to the touch. Chessies are solid-colored, either chocolatey brown, sedge, or deadgrass, with keen yellow.