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autistic adults in the workplace - sex at the workplace HD

Jun 09,  · Despite the well-meaning thought leaders, the 'Autism in the Workplace' mentality and campaign fuels autistic stereotypes and highlights a disabled people as less than, in need of help, in need of. Oct 31,  · The second part of the answer in terms of how to help autistic people in the workplace is for autistic people to lean into the strengths that come from having our condition. None of this is meant.

Jul 30,  · National data indicates that the vast majority of adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed, with estimates ranging to as high as 90%. This should not be the case, and it won’t be for long. Representatives from Autism Speaks pause for a photo with close partners from Rangam Consultants. Adults with Autism in the Workplace: Accommodation Tips Adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have traditionally had a hard time adjusting to typical work environments. Many jobs are short-lived, with various challenges getting in the way of job longevity. Only about one-third of adults with autism have any kind of paid work.