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Aug 13,  · Workplace Accommodations and Supports for Autistic Individuals Supports for individuals in the workplace can take the form of job accommodations and adaptations. Some commonly used supports are listed below. If you are an individual on the autism spectrum, you may need to self-advocate in order to receive one or more of these. This is a short guide with tips to help individuals with autism find the best job match and advocate for themselves at work.

Aug 27,  · A majority of employees with autism require some type of accommodation in their employment. Some of those accommodations are easy and inexpensive to implement, while other accommodations require a more thoughtful plan. This section of the Employment Tool Kit offers information on different types of accommodations that may apply to you or others. Accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act An accommodation is an adjustment in the job or job duties that will allow you to work best. For example, if you are a kinesthetic learner and your training is all online, then a job coach can be considered an accommodation for the on-boarding, and training at a new job.