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Almost Adult. Film, Drama. Time Out says but drab dramatic investigation into the lives of young refugees seeking asylum in the UK from first-time director Yousaf Ali Kahn. The easy-on-the-eye. Almost Adult. Directed by Yousaf Ali Khan. Synopsis. Two refugee teenage girls from Africa meet and become friends and help each other deal with the horrors in their past. Genre; Cast. Victoire Milandu Ann Warungu Lisa Hogg Annette Badland. Director. Yousaf Ali Khan. Producer. Sally Hibbin. Writer. Rona Munro. Editor. Kristina.

Oct 05,  · Yousaf Ali Khan's directorial debut Almost Adult could have had a strong emotional core; sadly it is watered down by an endless stream of clichés. The title refers to the leading couple, two seventeen-year old girls who come to London to escape the war that is ravaging their home countries (Congo and Kenya respectively)/10(56). Find movie and film cast and crew information for Almost Adult () - Yousaf Ali Khan on AllMovie.

Almost Adult. Details: , Rest of the world, 89 mins. Direction: Yousaf Ali Khan. With: Ann Warungu and Victoire Milandu. User reviews Read user reviews. Today's best video The week in TV. Sep 08,  · Almost Adult. 8 Sep A film about life in the UK for unaccompanied child asylum seekers, using non-actors from the refugee community and with powerful performances from the young leads. Dir Yousaf Ali Khan, UK , 89 mins. Part of: The BFM International Film Festival. Related. Rent-A-Rasta 13 Sep Find out more. Deadmeat 13 Sep.

Jan 14,  · Almost Adult. Last shown Sun at 18 Directed by Yousaf Ali Khan year-old Mamie is living in Birmingham as a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Brum she befriends and looks after a younger refugee girl, Shiku. But when the authorities discover that they are not real siblings, they cannot allow then to live. Yousaf Ali Khan, Director Almost Adult, Giantland John helped me out with a tricky sequence; his response was both imaginative and meticulous and created a stunning opening to the film. Sally Wainwright, Director Happy Valley, To Walk Invisible John is quick, inventive and a great collaborator. His boards are emotional as well as great pictures.