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Jun 30,  · Microcephaly is a medical condition in which the circumference of the head is smaller than normal because the brain has not developed properly or has stopped growing. Microcephaly can be present at birth or it may develop in the first few years of life. Zika Virus and Pregnancy Zika Blamed for Increase in Cases of Microcephaly. In anthropology, pygmy peoples are ethnic groups whose average height is unusually short. The term pygmyism is used to describe the phenotype of endemic short stature (as opposed to disproportionate dwarfism occurring in isolated cases in a population) for populations in which adult men are on average less than cm (4 ft 11 in) tall.

Dwarfism occurs when an organism is extremely small. In humans, it is sometimes defined as an adult height of less than centimetres (4 ft 10 in), regardless of sex; the average adult height among people with dwarfism is centimetres (4 ft 0 in), although some individuals with dwarfism are slightly Hyposecretion of growth hormone . May 22,  · No. But it does mean they might have the potential to be smarter. And, of course, so do people with small heads. As with many things related to size, what really matters is what you do with what.