Shiny Latex Pvc Vinyl Rubber Pants Leggings - adult wicking vinyl pants


adult wicking vinyl pants - Shiny Latex Pvc Vinyl Rubber Pants Leggings

No-Wick Cloud plastic pants full cut. Non-wicking leg and waist elastic keeps wet elastic from transferring to clothing or bedding. Sold out Special order only. Covered elastic waist and . The most important aspect to consider when choosing adult plastic pants is the size. Make sure to measure both your waist and legs to determine which size will fit best. Some people prefer this for comfort and non-wicking purposes. High back (long waist) plastic pants: These add an additional 3" of height to the pants .

The elastic on the leg and waist of the V are inside encased in vinyl to prevent wicking. All waterproof pants can be machine washed and dried in the dryer except the rubber and latex pants. Machine or hand wash and hang to dry. Our adult waterproof covers are available in four styles – Pull-On Pant, Lined Pant, Snap Pant, . Low Cut Black in color Briefs made of all Plastic/Vinyl. NO LINING. Here is a soft smooth light black low cut briefs plastic pants in a size Large, will fit a 34”to 40”waist. Both waist and legs have nice covered elastic. Very smooth soft plastic End date: Dec 31,