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Earwax is produced by glands in the ear canal. Although scientists are still not completely sure why we have earwax, it does trap dust and other small particles and prevent them from reaching and. Oct 23,  · Considered slightly advanced, temperature play is when heated wax is introduced to skin as a way to entice excitement and arousal. However sensual and erotic wax play may seem, it still requires practice, education, communication, and understanding. If done incorrectly, burning of the skin and extreme discomfort can harm the dominant or submissive—learning is key!

Ladies often wonder how does it feel like to wax the Vagina or have a brazilian wax down under. We thought we should share the experience with you to show ho. Ear Wax Removal Tool, Ear Wax Remover Kit, Soft Ear Wax Cleaner, Spiral Ear Cleaners with 16 Replacement Heads for Humans, Adult and Kids out of 5 stars 33 $ - $