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Sep 18,  · GCFLearnFree has free typing lessons that are geared towards adults with no or little typing skills. For each lesson, you have the option of learning . Jan 30,  · A lot of typing software for adults operates under the assumption that users already know typing basics. This isn't the case for UltraKey 6, which walks you through every step until you're typing with speed and accuracy. First, you start off with a skill assessment. Based on your ability, the software assigns you a goal to shoot for as you work.

TypingClub is the most accessible typing program available. Interactive experience. A full range of experiences from games, videos and different typing challenges makes learning fun. Voice over. Once you turn it on, every word is read out loud as you are typing each word. Jan 19,  · 9 Best Typing Software Typesy ★★★★★ Kaz Typing ★★★★★ Typing Instructor ★★★☆☆ Mavis Beacon ★★★★☆ GS Typing Tutor ★★★☆☆ Ratatype ★★★★☆ All The Right Type ★★★★☆ TypingClub ★★★☆☆Author: Ken Bartels.