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Swirlie The swirly is a prank in which one's head is dunked into the toilet bowl and flushed. It was rather prevalent in the 90's, and is little more than a dare nowadays. In the United Kingdom, this prank is called the "bogwash", or in certain parts of Australia, it is called the "dunnyflush". A form a punishment in which a person takes a monsterous dump and the forces someone's head into the toilet before flushing. Brian was ashamed to discover corn in his ear after being given a .

The swirlie is portrayed half the time as a real shot of some poor kid getting his head stuck in the toilet, and the other half as a bully simply mentioning the word "swirly" to the cringing dismay of all the bully victims in earshot. If the victim is lucky, no one used the toilet first A less-malevolent form of Water Torture. Sep 20,  · Scissoring, also called tribadism or tribbing, is most often thought of as the territory of same-sex, female-identified couples.

ADULT: OFF HOME DIRECTORY SEARCH RANDOM POLL MAKE A POLL. Swirlies. Vote | Messages. Looking for the old results? About Swirlies. Have you ever been given a Swirlie? Was the Person who gave the Swirlie Older or Yonger than you or the same age and what is the average age of the giver? 58% (83) Older; 37% (53) Younger; 52% (74) Same Age; 13%. Oct 17,  · Eighteen-year-old Shea Shawhan of Plano, Texas, suffered a severe brain injury at birth, and now has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old. She is also the victim of .

Nov 20,  · Ben was hiding in the bathroom, three cheerleaders had just turned the corner and almost saw him. “Has anyone seen Ben? I haven’t wedgied him for like an hour so he’s past due” she is carrying the pants of another nerd “I pantsed him this morning, I haven’t seen him since” Maddie said “Greg has been looking for him too he wants to give him a swirlie” Lauren said as they. Purl Soho shows you how to knit it up in five sizes, from baby to adult large. Corrugated Hat and Cowl from Purl Soho 12 of Learn to Knit a Slouchy Hat. Sheep and Stitch. This soft and slouchy beanie-style hat from Sheep & Stitch has a waffle-knit texture you'll love. Worked on circular and double-pointed needles, it uses all knits and.