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E.g., if "the strong-willed adult" is frustrated with her inability to do a particular task as easily as she expected, she's angry at God, challenging Him. The author also sees everything everyone does as a conscious choice. He fails to recognize many psychological aspects. He judges. No excuses/5(2). May 18,  · Strong-willed people are action-oriented and possess a strong desire to lead. They automatically want to know who’s in charge. Poor leadership or a lack of competency is like fingernails on a chalkboard to the strong-willed.

Feb 01,  · The Strong-Willed Adult [Dennis L. Gibson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers/5(2). Mar 13,  · The absolute best way to raise a strong willed child into a thriving adult is to show them what one looks like. What you say will impact your child, but not nearly as much as what you do. You are your child’s biggest role model. They are watching you and they will repeat your behaviors.

Feb 05,  · Strong willed people need boundaries, but they will test them. They want to know the limits of their freedom. Keep in mind they are head-strong. We’ve even labeled them — strong-willed. I think many of us have heard that the strong-willed child is actually better off than the ‘compliant’ child because the strong willed child who can defy his parents as a youngster will also be able to defy his peers and his culture when they are enticing him to do drugs, commit immoral acts, .

Parenting a strong-willed child can test even the most patient adult. Yet these children have characteristics that can serve them well as adults. Here’s how to keep that strong-will alive while also maintaining a healthy relationship. (This post contains affiliate links. Jul 12,  · What strong-willed children hate more than anything is to feel they don’t have control over their own destiny. Which is ultimately good – it means as a teen and adult they’ll be less likely to let others sway them into being someone they’re not.