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adult spanking stories with corner time - ADULT TIME Transfixed: Ana & Natassia Have Hot Sex

Mar 26,  · Spanking and corner time are a fact of life for me unfortunately. And mostly, I hate the corner time more than the spanking itself. I always get corner time after a spanking. Sometimes you hear that corner times don’t have to take place in a corner, but also against a wall or something. I get the old-fashioned nose in the corner, corner footjobxx.xyzted Reading Time: 2 mins. Jun 04,  · Using her hard wooden bath brush she swat s my bottom at lest times. needless to say I’m whimpering in tears standing in the corner after wards. I seldom commit the same offense to deserve such a severe spanking. Also for serious spankings like this one, there is no sex for at least a week afterwards. To further make her footjobxx.xyzted Reading Time: 6 mins.

While standing in the corner a few afternoons ago, I spent time thinking about whether I would post this hairbrush spanking story on the blog or whether it was just too embarrassing. I decided that the reader has the right to know:). Spanking, spanking stories, spanking articles, erotic discipline and female submission Tags: corner time, embarasment, embarrassing, hairbrush, marital spanking, public corner time, punishment, spanking adult daughters. One of the family. 23May In the wake of the college spanking post I heard from Linda. She is in her 30s and now married.

When R first started spanking me there was corner time with my hands behind my head and bottom arched out. After a short period of time she felt that was not embarrassing enough, and then I was told to assume what we call the display position which is on my knees and elbows legs spread and bottom arched out and up. May 27,  · This is a total fantasy written by me for fun. It contains spanking, humiliation and other fetish. Please do not read if this bothers you. All characters are 25 year old or older. ===== What am I doing standing facing the corner with my red, sore, bare bottom on display?

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