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adult spanking memories - Diaper Girl Tia Cyrus gives Adult Baby Morgan Lee a spanking

Sep 11,  · Kelli Grissom's memories of being spanked as a child are anything but morbid. Her description of a typical spanking at her house conjures an amusing domestic scene. The announcement, "The dreaded spanking will occur at 6 p.m. in the living room; that's what the torture was," recalls Grissom, now a social worker and mother of an month-old. A visit for an adult ‘school paddling’ Other Punishments: A childhood spanking game: Other Punishments: Three schoolgirls slippered: School & College Punishments: A schoolboy given a painful caning: School & College Punishments: A girl gets a birthday spanking: Other Punishments: Boy and girl spanked by stepdad: Other Punishments: Girl.

Nov 11,  · A collection of spanking stories. La Maison de la Verveine. Girls' bottoms to be caned. A hairbrush spanking. Badly behaved girls after a spanking. Real spanking stories. Interview with spanking model Kiri Kelly () Part 1. Before and after her spanking. A good hand spanking. The strap on a bare bottom. and a wooden spoon. Join our Red Bottom Club for access to more than exclusive spanking memories, some of them in audio format too! A mont more. Mothers Talking: Billie (audio) UK mum Billie discusses disciplining her son, who was five at the time of this interview, and how she progressed from usi.

Jul 15,  · spanking and it was over, only to surprise me with additional spanking, only this time much faster and harder. I was still reliving the pain, the distortion of time, the pain, the inability to move, resist, or do anything except feel pain, choke, and cry. I was still feeling very sorry for myself but I made a promise to myself to. Feb 16,  · Hi, I'm Lila and this is my spanking blog. Posts here include stories, memories, stuff I like from the Interwebs, and accounts of my current spanking adventures which may or may not be somewhat altered to protect the innocent--or not-so-innocent, as the case may be ;) View all posts by Lila Fowler.

Santa Fe Spanking By James Johnson (husband of Korey Mae Johnson) (Sample) She really, really needed a spanking was I going to let her out of this one as well? I leaned my head over slightly to smell Korey’s hair and kiss her head gently. She was sleeping peacefully, her head on my shoulder, in the seat next to me on our flight to Santa Fe. Jan 26,  · Spanking. Discussion of erotic and discipline spanking. Page 1 of 13 1.