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Adult Mukuro as depicted in the future. After arriving in Japan from Italy, and enrolling in Kokuyo Middle School, ten days prior to their first appearance, Mukuro, Chikusa, and Ken, started a gang made up of Mafia criminals, and began their quest to find the Vongola's tenth generation footjobxx.xyzation: Kokuyo Gang, Vongola Family. Oct 26,  · mukuro replied to Darkening Demise 's topic in Adult Gaming As far as I know, you can use the Japanese file SKBRN_スキン (on page 2) with his nude mod to make all of the original school outfits nude. If you choose this then it makes those outfits invisible.

mukuro khr tsuna hibari reborn lambo chrome gokudera ryohei yamamoto katekyohitmanreborn vongola junko danganronpa takeshi hayato katekyo . You can chat with Mukuro here. Ask to Mukuro whatever you want. Talk to Mukuro online right now. Chat with Mukuro's chatbot is very easy and funny.

I love your Mukuro fanarts. You actually made here more attractive rather than being 'flat-chested' and whatnot. Thanks for this. Reply. Neolink07 Nov 14, Thank you. Thats the reason i do them. There isnt much art of her in a non despair concept. I hatef how she was disposed so easy in DR1 and how gorgeous she looked in DR3. Browse through and read or take mukuro ikusaba stories, quizzes, and other creations.

Well played Mukuro! Anyway, the rest of you can get out and Mukuro has a special dorm to play with her new in! Goodbye!” The announcement ended. You felt uneasy! You were a slave to this girl now! She wore a normal school outfit. She had short, black hair and had freckles above her nose. She wore black knee stockings and shoes.