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AITC Immunization & Travel Clinic AITC is a non-profit, fee-for-service clinic that is part of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. AITC is a full service travel medicine provider for individuals, groups and families, and offers TB testing and routine immunization for adults . To learn more about where to get travel vaccines, see Find a Clinic. If yellow fever vaccine is recommended for or required by your destination, you’ll need to go to a vaccine center authorized to give yellow fever vaccinations. Many yellow fever vaccine centers also .

Dallas County Health and Human Services offers vaccinations to adults for routine immunization and foreign travel. Foreign travelers, please visit: CDC's traveler's health page to find out which vaccines are recommended for your country of travel. The goal of our travel medicine clinic is to help you prepare for a safe and healthy overseas experience. When you visit us, you’ll meet with a travel medicine provider to discuss your destination and itinerary and identify any immunizations and/or tests that are recommended or required for your trip.

Call a clinic near you to make an appointment for a personal travel counseling session — during your visit, you’ll receive any vaccinations or medications you may need for your trip as well as updated health and travel advisories specific to your destination. Travel & Adult Immunizations Our clinics do not provide adult vaccines. Information is provided below for additional resources.