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Senior Homeshares is a nationwide online housemate service specifically for older adults. We help you find companionship, live more safely, and ease your finances. The adult housemates try to come up with a birthday gift for Wealand footjobxx.xyzibe to Pinoy Big Brother channel! -

LOOK: Here's the first 6 of Batch 4 'PBB Otso' housemates. ABS-CBN News Posted at May 27 AM "Pinoy Big Brother: Otso" is down to its last batch of housemates, and on Sunday, the first six from the second batch of adult housemates were introduced. Oct 24,  · Author: Lee hwa, Yang san bak Genres Drama Mature Romance Smut. One day, the woman I was in love with asked me, "You wanna live with me?" But why? And more importantly why me?! Start Reading.

The adult(s) currently in the household: One woman. One man. Male-Female partners. Female-Female partners. Male-Male partners. More than one person but just friends, all women. More than one person but just friends, all men. More than one person but just friends, both genders. Previous Next Submit. May 06,  · Joe Tobal, 35, a bartender who writes fiction, has had roommates most of his adult life. At the moment, he shares an apartment in Astoria, Queens, with two women in their 20s. But having recently.

Oct 29,  · Baninay Bautista, who hails from Batangas, will also be part of the adult batch. A fun-loving and cheery person, she promises to be a fun watch for viewers. But before viewers get invested in another round of "PBB," the teen part will have to close out this one and determine the two other grand finalists. Jan 28,  · The "Pinoy Big Brother" adult housemates took their love for marshmallows to the NEXT LEVEL as they competed with each other on their "Chubby Bunny Challenge". A part of their OTSOya Saya task, Andre Brouillette, Mitch Talao, Abi Kassem, Wakim Regalado, Apey Obera, Lou Yanong, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai, made us LOL until the end on how.