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Led by native-speaking instructors Yael Ronen and Mimi Wiener-Mishor, our Hebrew language classes offer four primary levels of mastery in an engaging and supportive environment. The class curriculum and emphasis on the students’ experience allows for flexibility to accommodate differences in the makeup of each class. Adult Education is an important and valued opportunity for our members and the community. Our Hebrew and Torah classes help adults advance their skills. Our Summer and Winter Nights on Park Heights provide a fun gathering for discussing current events. Brotherhood and Sisterhood learning and lectures bring friends together.

About the course This class is designed for students with previous Hebrew knowledge who can read, write and carry a simple conversation in Hebrew. In our sessions, we’ll be focusing on improving the four fundamental language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Hebrew Lessons. Improve your Hebrew and expand your vocabulary in these four pillars: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Classes are available to different age groups in three different proficiency levels. Level 1: Beginner level learn basic vocabulary and the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.; Level 2: Can have a basic conversation in Hebrew, able to read and write words with vowel marks.

Mar 08,  · The classes in this list appeal to a variety of students of Hebrew with different learning styles and beliefs. The Online Hebrew Tutorial This free online course offers a comprehensive overview of both modern and Biblical Hebrew. Check out the 17 lessons to study the Hebrew alphabet, grammar, vocabulary and more. Hebrew Reading. If you would like to be able to read our prayers in Hebrew instead of relying on the transliteration or keep up with what your kids (or grandkids) are learning in Religious School, this course is for you. For Winter , Hebrew Reading for Adults will meet on Zoom at the following times.

Hebrew Reading for Adults: Judi Marcus has an MA in Education. She has successfully taught child and adult Hebrew classes for more than 25 years in the Denver area. She currently teaches classes focused on teaching adults to read Hebrew and a more advanced class on prayer book reading. HebrewPod is a full online Hebrew course designed to help people learn how to read, understand, and write Hebrew. The platform can be customized for different levels of Hebrew proficiency– from absolute beginners to advanced users who want to get more practice and learn more sophisticated words and phrases.