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Feb 29,  · If the web filtering restriction level is set to ‘Warn on adult’, it will allow all websites but only shows a warning when an adult website is visited. I would suggest you to set the web filtering level to either ‘Online communication’ or ‘General interest’ or ‘Designed for Children’ filters which will block all adult . Aug 23,  · Adult Filter is a potentially unwanted application If your browser has been affected by Adult Filter add-on, every time you start your web browser you can see an unknown site. Of course you may setup your start page again, but next time you start 5/5(1).

OpenDNS already offered a great content filtering tool that you could set up on your home Wi-Fi router. Now the DNS provider is making it easier to block impressionable eyes from adult content—and. Apr 05,  · Adult Blocker is a Chrome extension for parental control. It is a web filter for blocking websites on Chrome. It restricts the access of children and adolescents to undesirable websites which /5().

Our free filters are comprised of three predefined filters for global consumption (Security, Adult, and Family). The Family filter blocks adult / obscene content and applies Safe Search filters to Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. The security filter, however, only focuses on restricting access to malicious activity. Whether you want to keep your kids' eyes away from inappropriate content or your employees from wasting time online, you'll find a variety of great tools available for filtering internet access in.

Apr 07,  · Cloudflare is updating its popular Domain Name System (DNS) service with options to filter malware and adult content in a new initiative called Cloudflare Family. This comes two years after Cloudflare introduced its privacy and performance-focused DNS service, dubbed , which is now second only to Google for public DNS usage. Oct 26,  · At 10/25/20 AM, knafta wrote: Im trying to enable the Adult filter but it just enables it and then instantly disables. It worked fine yesterday and last night. Any idea why this is happening? Same thing here, it must be some sort of bug from the site itself, i tried to enable the filter on both my pc AND phone but none of them worked, probably it's gonna be fixed in some time, or, at.