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Fibromatosis is a condition where fibrous overgrowths of dermal and subcutaneous connective tissue develop tumours called fibromas. These fibromas are usually benign . Fibromatosis refers to a group of conditions characterized by overgrowths of skin and connective tissue tumors called fibromas. These fibromas are usually benign .

Three patients aged 15 to 40 years with fibromatosis of the periorbital region were studied. A history of acute onset, preceding trauma, and pain associated with a Author: Catherine N Smoot, Gregory B Krohel, Richard S Smith. Several forms of fibromatosis are recognized, including congenital myofibromatoses and several adult varieties, which differ substantively only in location – abdominal .

Extra-abdominal Desmoid Fibromatosis Adult Fibrosarcoma ; Mild to moderate cellularity: Usually more cellular: Fine chromatin: Usually clumped chromatin: Rarely > 5 mitotic figures per HPF: Usually > 5 mitotic figures per HPF (except in low grade fibrosarcoma) Atypical mitotic figures rare: Atypical mitotic figures common: Cells separated by. Palmar or Plantar Fibromatosis Adult Fibrosarcoma ; Occurs in hands: Rare in hands: Multiple small nodules: Single large mass: Involves fascia: Deep to fascia: Haphazard pattern: Herringbone pattern: Cytologically bland: Cytologically atypical: No atypical mitotic figures: Atypical mitotic figures may be seen: Rarely necrotic.