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Title: Echoes on AO3 Author: circular_time Rating: Explicit/Adult Pairing(s)/Character(s): Five/Nyssa Spoilers: Refers to the Doctor's heroic self-sacrifice in Mawdryn Undead, but you don't need to know classic Who to read this.(Takes place the night before Nyssa's final TV serial). Summary: The Doctor and Nyssa go exploring deep in the TARDIS to clear their heads after a harrowing adventure. adult; Adult Content; Summary. No one on Asgard, save for Thor and Odin, had the power to wield the mighty Mjolnir. That is, until you did in the marketplace as a child. Ever since then, you have been betrothed to Thor. Now that you’re finally old enough to marry and find love, you slowly realize it isn’t Thor you’re drawn to. *Now.

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Rating: NC Summary: Tara decides she can never trust Willow ever again and Buffy realizes Tara needs special protection. Destiny's Entwined. Grouping: Buffy/Tara/Faith. Rating: NC Summary: New slayer arrives on the scene, a bleached blonde vampire re-appears and the Vessel with her two warriors cause headaches for all of demon kind. Aug 21,  · The Witches World by Dasteiza Rated: NC - No One 17 and Under Admitted [Reviews - 0] New! Summary: Harry Potter is born in a world where witches outnumber wizards by thousands to one. In Hogwarts, he is only one of four boys in attendance.