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Sep 27,  · Exotropia is a condition in which one or both eyes turn outward away from the nose. It’s the opposite of crossed Donna Christiano. Some people have exotropia from childhood, called a “lazy eye.” Others develop it as an adult due to a medical condition like a stroke or thyroid Size: KB.

Exotropia (also known as wall-eye or divergent strabismus) differs from its opposite form, esotropia (eye turns in toward nose), in that exotropic eyes point outward or away from the nose. Jan 18,  · In a series of patients with intermittent exotropia, the deviation was present at birth in and appeared in 16 at 6 months of age and in 72 between months of age (9).

Mar 26,  · Published March 26, Exotropia is a common form of strabismus characterized by an outward eye turn, away from the nose.