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This site, Multiple Intelligences for Adult Literacy and Education, applies Dr. Gardner's theory to adult education. With this site we hope to inspire teachers and tutors to discover innovative ways to help their learners succeed, based on their learners' intelligences. How to Use This Site. The Adult Multiple Intelligences (AMI) Study investigated how multiple intelligences (MI) theory can support instruction and assessment in adult literacy education across different adult learning contexts. Two interwoven qualitative research projects focused on Cited by: 4.

One way of addressing individual differences among adult learners is to identify the Multiple Intelligences of the learner. Multiple Intelligences refers to the concept developed by Howard Gardner that challenges the traditional view of intelligence and explains the presence of nine different Multiple Intelligences. Nov 08,  · Learning Adult Education. Multiple Intelligences. Posted on November 8, November 8, by ackailey. The given article defines multiple intelligences and gave me the idea of different kinds of it-linguistic, logical, visual-spatial, musical, bodily kineasthetical, interpersonal, intrapersonal. Firstly, I will do the assessment of all the.

Multiple Intelligences Inventory for Adults Place a 2 in the box if the statement is a lot like you, 1 if it is somewhat like you, and 0 if it is not like you at all. by Thomas Armstrong Books are very important to me. I can easily compute numbers in my Size: 21KB.