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8 Tips for Parents of College Students Living at Home. 01/27/ pm ET Updated Dec 06, Do you have a college student living at home? Your young adult still needs you, but in a way that invites respect and open mutual communication. Laurie Hollman. May 01,  · The suggestions below apply for short periods and in the likelihood that your young adult will live with you again after graduation or at some point. According to .

Jul 19,  · College students enjoy considerably more freedom than high schoolers when they live in the dorms, but when college kids live at home, friction can arise over young adults living their own lives. Parents need to have open and honest communication with their now-college age children who both deserve and require more independence. Aug 15,  · Students who live at home during college need to make adjustments. Parents of students living at home obviously need to adjust as well. As parents, you can help your student ease the transition to the new college experience. Schedule .

Sep 04,  · The CPS somewhat overstates the number of young adult college students who live with their parents. That is because unmarried college students residing in dormitories are counted as living with their parents. So the CPS cannot be used to measure the migration of college students living in dormitories to their parents’ homes since the onset of. Apr 01,  · Like most high school seniors, college students and adult children living at home, Williams doesn’t provide more than half of her own support and relies on her parents to pay her health insurance costs, cell phone bill and car insurance. That makes her a dependent, for tax purposes, which is significant for her parents at tax time each year.