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adult christmas trivia games printables - The adult game adult girls!

Christmas Quiz for Adults Answers 1. What store hosts a huge parade every Thanksgiving? Macy’s 2. In the movie A Christmas Story, what was the dad’s “major award?” A leg lamp 3. True or false: Santa Claus is a smoker. True – He smokes a pipe. 4. What movie featuring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire dancing and singing at an innFile Size: KB. Christmas Trivia Games for Adults. Christmas trivia games can be one of the ways to lighten up the holiday season. It can also help in educating the kids in the family about Christmas and the traditions associated with it. Here are some questions for adults that you can use in your quiz.

Dec 05,  · Printable Christmas Trivia Game Perfect for Christmas Parties All you need to do is download the PDF of this Christmas trivia worksheet (also includes a separate sheet containing the answers!) and print off as many as you need. Pass out pens & . May 24,  · Although not a serious activity, some Christmas trivia is created in the format of worksheets. It aims to train some people who want to do Christmas trivia. At the basic education level like elementary to several levels above, the Christmas trivia worksheet is often an agenda that must be completed on the Christmas holidays.

Printable General Christmas Trivia Easy Christmas Trivia 1 Easy Christmas Trivia 2 Medium Difficulty General Trivia Difficult Christmas Trivia Difficult Christmas Trivia 2. Christmas Trivia Home. Christmas Trivia Quizzes: General Christmas Trivia Christmas Tree Trivia Christmas Music Trivia Christmas Movie Trivia. You can also become a Christmas expert with our selection of Christmas trivia. Start at the beginning of the article or choose a section covering your favorite Christmas trivia. We have also included some guidelines for using Christmas trivia games. Related Christmas articles. Christmas Party Games and Icebreakers for Adults; Best Christmas.