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Apr 02,  · Chiari Specialists in Texas Contact our Houston neurosurgeons if you are seeking Chiari malformation surgeons advice or treatment – This disease requires a careful consultation and our neurosurgeons are experienced and qualified to help you find the best treatment option. Call Us: /5. Oct 02,  · There are four types of Chiari malformation: Type I: This is the adult form of Chiari malformation, and the most common of the four types. It develops as the brain and skull grow, so symptoms may not appear until adulthood or adolescence. This type does not involve the brainstem. Type II: This type is congenital and is the most common pediatric.

Chiari I malformations arise when a part of the brain, cerebellar tonsils, extends down into the opening at the base of the skull where the spinal cord exits (foramen magnum). The presence of the tonsils within the foramen magnum can result in abnormal spinal fluid flow and create direct pressure on the brainstem. WHAT IS CHIARI? CHIARI MALFORMATION (CM) GENERAL INFORMATION; INTERACTIVE LIBRARY; MEDICAL GLOSSARY; (chiari and spine specialist) Spine Team Maryland Good Luck Road, Suite Lanham, MD (also has an office in Bethesda, MD Houston, TX

The Chiari Malformation Center's team of surgeons brings together years of expertise in addressing the entire spectrum of Chiari malformation conditions, in infants and children and in adult patients.